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CHIKO solar 6MW metal roof solar mounting project in china

With more and more applications of distributed photovoltaic power stations in China, the roof occupancy rate of industrial and commercial plants is mostly at the same time, and the demand for Metal roof. Solar mounting manufacture has also grown rapidly. Fanchang Economic Development Zone currently has 68 industrial enterprises above designated size and 18 high-tech enterprises. Since the development, the park has always insisted on the integration of development and green recycling as the guide, with the goal of “innovating the highland, ecological park, and vitality new city”. The park has been named the National Agricultural Industrialization Demonstration Base. In Fanchang Economic Development Zone, Anhui Airuite Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ai Ruite Company”) is one of the leading companies in the construction of a green ecological park.

On May 16, 2018, part of the solar photovoltaic power grid of the roofing photovoltaic project of the 6 MW plant of Airite Company was announced. The photovoltaic power plant project is provided by Shanghai CHIKO solar.

Time: May 16, 2018
Installed size: 6MW
Location: Anhui Airuite Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (Anhui Wuhu Fanchang Economic Development Zone)
Roof Condition: Flat Steel Tile Roof
Solution: Metal roof solar mounting system (46# rail +343 fixture)

In the implementation of this project, it was learned through several rounds of negotiations between the parties that the company has now become the leading high-tech enterprise in the industry and was listed on December 2015. The mission of “creating a beautiful environment and opening up a new world” has always been our mission, and this is also one of the reasons why Airite Company chose to build a photovoltaic plant on the roof of this plant. CHIKO solar engineers have visited the company’s factory site several times before. After in-depth understanding of the conditions of the factory and the local conditions of the factory, it was discovered that there are two main buildings in the factory that need to install photovoltaic power plants, and there are no shelters near the plants, which is very suitable for installation. And the surface of the plant is a flat steel tile roof. Through multiple tests, morning engineers determined that the color steel plate and the roof load of the factory building are in compliance with the installation conditions of the photovoltaic power plant. On this basis, Morningside engineers proposed a solution for the color steel tile photovoltaic bracket system using No. 343 fixtures, and fixture testing and pull-out tests on the roof to determine the feasibility of the program.

The construction of the 6MW project took about one month to complete, precisely because of the highly pre-assembled features of the morning branch solar bracket products, which saved time and labor costs to achieve such an efficient completion rate; and also reflected the morning company’s products. The good quality can stand the test of users and time. The establishment of the 6MW photovoltaic power station will help Airuite Company to reduce costs during the period, so as to make it “a higher level” in the industry. The CHIKO engineers’ team has also been upgraded with technical solutions in this project, making Chenke’s brand familiar to more owners of Anhui enterprises.